Beyond the Karoo : From Rock Art to Rambling
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BLOG Beyond the Karoo : From Rock Art to Rambling

The Karoo landscapes are appealing to those who visit South Africa thanks to their vast panoramas, warm hospitality, and unique activities. During the spring, a myriad of colourful blooms paints the arid landscape with a rich tapestry of diverse life.

If you continue beyond the Karoo toward the ocean, you’ll discover another vibrant destination that deserves your attention.

Also known as Buffalo City, East London’s best known features are the scenic Buffalo Pass which traverses a lush forest, and the Buffalo River which is South Africa’s only navigable river.

The city’s also home to numerous important museums and historical sites like the Amatole museum, East London Museum, and Steve Biko Garden of Remembrance. These don’t miss destinations include fascinations such as a dodo egg and the oldest imprints of human footfalls known to mankind.

Other interesting sights include the Lock Street Prison, South Africa’s oldest aquarium, and the world’s largest Coca Cola collection.

Try Something Different

You’ll find plenty of the usual amusements and entertainment in East London, and some incredible food and craft beer too, but if you’re looking for something beyond the norm, try these activities:

  • The East London Urban Cultural Experience incorporating local arts, crafts, music, and township experiences.
  • Wild Coast horseback adventures along the Kei River
  • Two exclusive private game reserves offering guided walks and game drives
  • Bird watching at Igoda Mouth Resort
  • Rock climbing on the Morgan Bay Cliffs
  • MTB adventure trails at 3 Silos
  • World class waves at Nahoon Reef
  • River cruises at Kwelera
  • Meandering along the Amatola hiking trail

One of the little-known attractions near East London are the abundant San Rock art sites in the area. You’ll find some of the best preserved ones at Lady Frere about two hours from the city.

If you’re lucky, you might even bump into acclaimed artist and official San Rock art expert, Steve Townley Basset, while you’re in town. Steve has written numerous books on South Africa’s rock paintings and produces beautiful paintings of these sites, as well as African scenes.

His works include mixed media works, oil paintings, miniatures, mounted cards, and custom-made canvas prints suitable for household items and décor. Steve captures the essence  of Africa’s most lauded animals and birds with an inimitable flair that makes it a popular addition to households across the USA. 

Go Beyond the Karoo on Your Next Trip

The Karoo and surroundings offer a little bit of what you fancy during your South Africa visit sprinkled with a whole lot of history.
So, if you’re looking for some novel experiences to try on your next African adventure, get in touch.
We can help you set up the ideal itinerary incorporating all the best of the Karoo’s hospitality, history, and unique attractions.


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