Discover the Living Desert in Namibia
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BLOG Discover the Living Desert in Namibia

A desert might seem like a lifeless wasteland, but the desert in Namibia is very much alive with activity. Explore this wonderland on your next vacation.

The Namib Desert and coastal dunes near Swakopmund, offer plenty of opportunities for exhilarating high-adrenaline activities during your holiday in Namibia. Yet the world’s oldest desert also presents opportunities to immerse yourself in the mysteries of nature during your stay.

The Best Way to Explore Namibia’s Coastal Desert

A Living Desert Tour is one of the best ways to discover the unseen creatures that survive in this inhospitable place.

Skilled and passionate operators like Charly’s Desert Tours offer a customizable experience which begins with a free pick up from any hotel in Swakopmund. On your way out of town, you can flip through the folder provided which gives insights into the creatures you might come across on your outing.

From there, you’ll set out on an exhilarating 4x4 trip into the coastal desert of Swakopmund under the auspices of an experienced guide.

The Secrets of the Desert in Namibia

Traversing these shifting silken sands is an experience in itself but it’s made even more memorable by the sights to come.

You guide knows exactly where to look and how to track the tiny creatures that call this stretch of sand home and before long, you’re bound to encounter some of them.

A surprising array of living creatures call this inhospitable place home. These include palmetto geckos, tok-tokkie beetles, sidewinder snakes, sand-diving lizards, scorpions, spiders, and chameleon.

As you walk among the sands in search of them, your guide will fill you in on the challenges these creatures face every day, and how they’ve adapted to survive these harsh conditions.

Customizing Your Trip Among the Sands

If a three-and-a-half-hour trip isn’t enough for you, you can extend the experience with a crayfish lunch on the beach. After your tour, you’ll travel to a shaded dining area along the shore where the experienced caterers will treat you to a sumptuous lunch comprising freshly-caught crayfish.

You can also combine your Living Dunes experience with a Namib Desert Tour for a full day desert experience that takes in the famous moon landscapes and welwitschia plants of Namibia.

This tour starts at 8h30am and ends at around 6pm. You should bring a packed lunch to enjoy overlooking the panoramas of the Namib.

Discover More with a Southern African Safari

The desert in Namibia is only one of the wonders on offer in this spectacular country. Would you like to plan a trip to the land of sand soon?

Get in touch and we’ll help you create an itinerary incorporating all the best experiences.


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