A Southern African Safari – an Ideal Antidote to the Winter Blues
Image Credit: Unsplash - Tom Podmore

BLOG A Southern African Safari – an Ideal Antidote to the Winter Blues

As the world kicks back at Africa for the excellent work conducted by South African medical researchers, all of southern Africa is steeling itself for yet another blow to their economies.

In South Africa alone, tourism lost billions during the country’s first day back on the notorious UK red list. The World Health Organization has insisted that it’s too late for travel bans now, but there are also a few other reasons why a southern African break is just what the doctor ordered.

Escaping the Wrath of Winter

After two years of travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, the last thing American and UK citizens need is another long, cold winter cooped up indoors.

When you travel to southern Africa during the festive period (and for several months thereafter) you’ll land in the heart of summer. Long sunny days spent outdoors boost your immunity, sanity, and fitness.

There’s no labouring under the weight of heavy layers of clothing when you visit southern Africa during their long summer months. Nor do you have to confine yourself to a stuffy indoor environment, battling to light a fire simply to enjoy some warmth – unless you’re planning a braai (BBQ) or blazing campfire.

Sunlight is proven to restock the body with vitamin D, a vital catalyst for important bodily functions, like bone growth and helps control cancer, inflammation and infection.

Then there’s the crushing weight of disappointment due to cancelled travel plans, added to the already stressful and ongoing deprivations brought about by the pandemic. Disappointment can lead to feelings of low self-worth, depression, and substance abuse.

What’s more, the main target in this fiasco still has stricter health protocols in place to keep visitors safe. Face coverings are mandatory in public places, along with hand sanitizer, and tourism establishments are still maintaining stringent safety protocols.

Most countries in the world, have long abandoned these safety measures, so technically you’re a lot safer in South Africa than anywhere else.

The Good News

There’s light at the end of the tunnel for travellers, though. So far, Omicron seems to have mutated in the wrong direction, causing much milder symptoms than its predecessors.

So, hang in there, southern African summers are long, and this latest bout of travel bans might be over sooner than you think. Don’t give up hope of a southern African cure for your winter blues just yet, things can change in a heartbeat nowadays.

When you’re ready to return to Africa, get in touch and we’ll help you plan the perfect escape.


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